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Improve Your Sleep by Snoozing with Your Valentine
8 Feb 2022 3 Min Read by Lucid

We all know that sleep has amazing health benefits. It gives your body time to repair, boosts immune response, reduces stress, body weight, and depression. And it improves brain function, including memory retention and judgment. Experts suggest that co-sleeping can help you obtain most of these sleep benefits, but only if you have the perfect ingredients to make it happen. 


Benefits of Sharing a Bed 

There can be great benefits when it comes to sharing a bed. One study suggests that couples who sleep next to each other have 10% overall improved deep sleep. Those that maintain a physical connection while they sleep have a more productive REM cycle, which helps increase mental health wellness, problem-solving skills, and helps reduce stress.  


Human beings crave connection. A simple handhold or the feeling of a warm arm next to us can help us feel closer to our partner on an emotional level. No matter the strength of the relationship, these benefits apply. And if your relationship is strong and deep, studies show that sleep patterns may synchronizeAww 


Drawbacks of Sharing a Bed 

There are challenges that come with sharing a bed and some situations may not be ideal. Some like their space and sharing space with a bed hog can be quite frustrating, especially one that keeps stealing the blankets. And forget about quality sleep if you have kids or pets who encroach on your sleep space 

Having a partner that snores loudly or has a cough can also put a damper on getting any restful sleep. And different routines can throw things out of whack too. For example, if you and your partner have different work schedules, sleep schedules, or if one likes to fall asleep watching television and the other doesn’t, you’re in for a world of sleep complications 


Tips to Get the Best Sleep While Sharing a Bed 

So how do you optimize co-sleeping with your partner? First, buy the perfect mattress, preferably one with motion isolation such as our own Lucid mattressesThe right size matters too. If you like space, go for a King and if you’d like to be closer to your partner, try for a Queen.  


What if you have different comfort preferencesTry opting for separate beddingYou can purchase two Twin xl mattresses to push together for a King size. That way you can customize your sheets and comforters (warm vs. cool sheets). This is also optimal if you want to elevate your sleep with an adjustable base, such as our L600 Adjustable Basewhich can help combat snoring.  


Better Sleep Ahead 

The science is in and there are great sleep and emotional benefits to those that share their sleep space. However, we also understand that one size does not fit all. Visit our Lucid website for sleep products that will help you optimize your sleep experience.