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7 Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed Base

8th Nov 2023 • Lucid

If you follow the trends then you probably already know this, but for those stuck in the past, we’re here to tell you that sleeping flat is out and sleeping on an adjustable bed base is in. Studies show that people who sleep on an adjustable bed base are just happier than those who don’t. Okay, studies don’t actually show that because happiness is an incredibly hard thing to quantifiably measure, but in our wide circle of Lucid friends the reviews are in and everyone loves the flexibility, freedom, and comfort of sleeping on an adjustable bed base. If you still aren’t sold, here are just a few benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed base.

1. Reduces Aches and Pains

On most adjustable bed bases, you will find an amazing pre-set position called “Zero Gravity”. Sleeping in the zero gravity position slightly elevates your head and raises your legs to optimally relieve pressure on your back and other joints. It helps you feel a weightlessness when you sleep that reduces aches and pains, helping you fall asleep faster and stay comfortable for longer periods of time. It may take a minute to get used to it, but once you start sleeping in zero gravity, your body will thank you and you’ll never go back.

2. Helps with Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Acid reflux and heartburn are common ailments that seem to worsen with age, but that doesn’t mean they don’t affect younger people as well. Luckily, we know the cause of acid reflux and heartburn and the solution may be as simple as an adjustable bed base. Sleeping with your head elevated, rather than flat, helps keep the acid in your stomach where it belongs which helps those who suffer with either acid reflux or heartburn sleep more comfortably through the night. 

3. Improves Snoring and Sleep Apnea

If you or your partner are in the snoring club, then this one is for you. Sleeping with your head elevated helps open your airways, which makes breathing through the night easier and improves snoring and sleep apnea. This trick also works for our seasonal snorers. When winter hits and you can’t seem to clear your sinuses, sleeping with your head elevated can help you breathe better. And easier breathing means better sleep, every time.

4. Allows for Versatile Mobility

One of the most obvious and also greatest features of an adjustable bed base is the versatility and mobility it provides. When you think of a bed that can sit you up and lay you down with the push of a button, you may think of a hospital bed but that kind of convenience and comfort shouldn’t only be appreciated in a hospital. An adjustable bed base can help those with limited mobility get in and out of bed easier. It also makes it easy to fall asleep reading, is a godsend for those who enjoy watching tv in bed, and, if you are anything like us, it makes it easy to enjoy a bedtime snack without having to sit in the kitchen. 

5. Helps with Insomnia

Falling asleep can be hard for anyone, but if you suffer from insomnia, it is even harder. Having the range of motion provided by an adjustable bed base makes it easier to find the optimal sleeping position for each individual. Maybe you like sleeping with your feet barely elevated and your torso close to a sitting position, maybe you really do feel weightless in zero gravity position, or maybe you like to switch sleeping positions regularly. No matter your preferences, an adjustable bed base helps you find comfort and keep it, or move it, all through the night. Plus, the massage feature can help gently lull you to sleep if you want. 

6. Improves Circulation

Another benefit to sleeping with your legs elevated is that it can enhance blood flow and oxygen for those with circulatory issues. If you ever wake up with a tingly or fully numb limb, you don’t have to anymore. Sleeping on an adjustable can help relieve pressure on common areas which improves blood flow and keeps all your extremities feeling great. 

7. Gives Freedom of Movement

We kind of already covered how amazingly freeing and convenient and comfortable sleeping on an adjustable bed base is, but it is life changing enough to deserve a second mention. With an adjustable, the bed does the tossing and turning and moving for you. It makes it easy to find your most comfortable reading, scrolling, watching, and sleeping position, and to change it up as frequently as you want. Embrace the freedom of movement with an adjustable bed frame, it really is for everyone.

Adjustable bed bases aren’t just for hospitals or nursing homes anymore. They are for anyone who wants to experience elevated sleep, literally and figuratively. And shopping with Lucid makes it an affordable option, too. There really is no reason to continue sleeping flat.