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How to Properly Apply a Mattress Bag
27 Sep 2018 1 Min Read by Lucid

Moving is messy, and our durable mattress bags protect from everything the world or your kids may throw at it.

Follow these steps to navigate the correct way to bag a bed:

Step 1

Strip your mattress of all bedding and sheets.

Step 2

Stand your mattress up vertically and starting from the top, pull the bag to the ground.

Step 3

Lay your mattress flat on the ground and pull the rest of the remaining slack until the bag is flush against the mattress.

Step 4

Remove the adhesive strip and seal the bag.

Step 5

Transport and move your mattress without fear of grease, grime, and other slime that was or inevitably will be in the moving van you rented.

Step 6

Once you've transferred your mattress to its new resting place, simply remove the bag and enjoy a clean sleeping environment.

Step 7

Responsibly dispose of the bag and bask in the glory of your successful and trauma-free conquest.

These convenient disposable bags allow you to keep the memory of moving in your heart where it belongs, instead of as a permanent reminder in the form of a stain or a funky smell.