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How to Maximize Your Sleep as a Mom

6th May 2022 • Lucid

Mothers are drained, and it’s not a mystery why. Typically, you take on a huge load every single day. As a result, you are left drained. We need to prioritize the need for a mother to rest. The more your body is at rest, the more you are ready to take on the day. You’re probably happier too. Below we’ve listed a few ways to re-align priorities of rest. It first starts with advocating for yourself

Make Time for Yourself

Talk with your partner about your needs and make sure they are allowing you space to have time to yourself. Find ways to unwind so your mind doesn’t wander even after the lights are out. Practice a five-minute meditation, read a book, and stay away from blue light from tv and phones, which can mess with your circadian rhythm. Creating a routine will train your body to sleep better.

Navigating Newborns

Sleep when the baby sleeps, right? But what if the baby won’t sleep? It may be a good idea to consult your pediatrician. Come with a list of questions. If you are considering co-sleeping, for example, ask about specific recommendations. Then, sit down with your partner and come up with a game plan. Get creative. Take a long car ride or sit the bassinet on top of the running dryer. There is no wrong way as long as you and your baby are safe.

Create the Perfect Space for Your Toddler

Quality sleep as a mom can be difficult, especially if your sleep is often disturbed by stretching and kicking kids in your bed. Get your kids excited about sleeping in their own room by personalizing their space. Upgrade their bedding to a fun toddler bed frame and a fun sheet set. This will allow you to sleep undisturbed, leaving you both more alert and ready for the day ahead.

Update Your Own Room 

Making sure your sleep environment is relaxing is the last piece of the puzzle. Sleeping on an old mattress? Perhaps you’re due for a memory foam mattress upgrade. Freshen up your space with some new sheets and a comfy pillow. And find a lamp that creates a comforting oasis with soft dim light. Once your space is a sleep haven, it will be easier to fall asleep.

Better Sleep Ahead

Finding the most comfortable sleep experience doesn’t have to be difficult. For more ideas on how to improve your sleep, visit our Lucid website for quality sleep products.