Sleep Tips for Kids

19th Feb 2021

Helping your children learn to love bedtime can be tough. Here are a few simple tips you can implement in your home to help your child find peace when bedtime rolls around.

Consistent Bedtime Window

Assigning a strict time in which your child needs to be in bed can be a recipe for failure. Instead, try assigning a 30-minute window in which you get your child to bed. This will help give you time to overcome last-minute surprises while still sticking to a regular sleep schedule. Children are creatures of habit, setting and sticking to a flexible, but a consistent routine will help train your child’s brain and body to prepare for sleep every night at the same time.

Keep Children in Their Own Beds

It’s tempting to spend all day and night cuddling your kids, but it is important to allow children to learn to love their beds and establish a safe space all their own, where they are free to launch into a world of dreams. It's healthy to establish a few boundaries that will help you and your children to find a great night's sleep.

Upgrade Their Bed

Your child might not be comfortable and that could be hindering their sleep. Or, your child could just be unimpressed with the white sheets. Do yourself a favor and take your kid shopping for bedding that they love. Whether it’s a blanket covered in superheroes or a pillow so fluffy you can lose yourself in it, upgrading your child’s current sleep station could potentially transform how they sleep.