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Father’s Day Gift Guide

9th Jun 2022 • Lucid

Father’s Day is approaching which means it’s time to find the perfect gift for the father in your life. Are you stumped on what to do? Below we’ve listed some gift ideas to get the creative gears going.

The Grill Enthusiast

It’s the warmer months, which means a grill enthusiast will want to spend all hours of the day grilling everything. A great gift for the griller in your life is something that will make the experience even more enjoyable. Try some kebab grilling baskets, a nifty grill tool, or a meat gift box. Either way, you slice it, he’s sure to love it.

Best of Porter Road Box Meat Flat Lay                                                                         Best of Porter Road Box

The Music Lover

Sure, it can be easy to play music on a phone but to get the best sound quality, we recommend a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to have more control over the volume and base. A Bluetooth speaker can really help the music come alive, making the listening experience a real treat for dad.

                                                                                   Bose Speaker

The History Buff

Do you have a dad in your life that just can’t stop consuming all forms of history? Check out a monthly history mail subscription or get him an Ancestry DNA kit to learn more about where he came from. Either one will for sure be a thoughtful gift he won’t forget.

Ancestry DNA Kit
                                                                                         DNA Kit

The Jokester

Ah, yes, the dry humor is strong with dads. For those that have a dad who thinks they are the funniest person alive, it may be time to give them some more joke fuel with a game of puns or a book of fresh dad jokes (if you like encouraging it). Let the laughter and eye rolling commence.

The Quality Time Lover

Perhaps the best love language is quality time. Spend a few hours doing what he loves together. Whether working with tools, fishing, going on a walk, or watching a sunset, getting meaningful time together is key. Bonus, it doesn’t cost you a thing.

The Napper

Fathers love a good nap. What better way to help them get better sleep than gifting them the best sleep products? Try the Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base with head up and foot up incline, massage, and Bluetooth control features for a luxurious sleep. Or try gifting something simple such as a new soft pillow or Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper. Little sleep improvements can go a long way.

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base                                                  L300 Adjustable Bed Base | Lucid (

Better Sleep Ahead

Finding the most comfortable sleep experience doesn’t have to be difficult. For more sleep product gift ideas, visit our Lucid website for quality sleep products.