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Back to School Sleep Schedules
7 Aug 2020 2 Min Read by Lucid

Gearing up for school this year is causing all sorts of uncertainty. Help your little scholar prepare mentally and physically for learning in person or via the web by implementing a healthy sleep routine now, instead of the day before school begins. 


The Importance of Sleep 

As anyone over the age of 25 will tell you, sleep is crucial to your health and happiness. Sleep is especially important for developing children. Ensuring your child gets at least eight hours of sleep on average will help them better cope with the stresses of learning while also helping to boost their immune systems.  


The State of Sleep in Quarantine 

Sleep has been one of the most affected areas of life since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Stress, sickness, and non-stop screen-time have left children and parents alike with unpredictable and unhealthy sleep routinesIt’s important to begin easing into a more concrete routine now, so you and your children aren’t shocked on the first day of school. 


Baby Steps to Sleeping Like a Baby 

 Start small by implementing a window of time every night that you want to have your children down. As you all adjust to the sleep window, start narrowing the time and adhering firmly to it. Implementing a schedule is tough, and it can take time to adjust. Have patience with your children and yourself as you work towards returning to normalcy. 


Bedroom Hygiene 

Another important area to consider upon returning to the outside world is maintaining a clean sleep space. We recommend regularly washing your sheets and using a mattress protector to ensure your bedroom is as conducive to good health as possible.