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12 Best Moving Tips

20th May 2022 • Lucid

Moving into a new home can be exciting and stressful. Here are the best tips to make moving a more seamless experience.


Create separate boxes for unwanted things, then make a run to your local donation center. This ultimately saves you time and minimizes the number of things you’ll need to pack.

Stock Up on Supplies

Make sure you have plenty of boxes of various sizes, tape, markers, stickers, and bags. Nothing can throw a wrench into moving than realizing you ran out of something.

Pack Early

It can be ambitious to try and pack everything in one day, but it will most certainly lead to burnout. Instead, pack the least used items first, then work your way down the list to the most used. Packing slowly over time will be a more efficient way to keep your momentum.

Pack Essentials Separately

Having essentials packed away such as toilet paper or soap, when you need them in your new home can be an inconvenience. Make sure you keep essentials separate and labeled so it’s the first box that you unpack in your new place.

Pack Smart

Make sure heavier items are in smaller boxes and lighter items are in bigger boxes so they are easier to carry. Also, don’t waste any space if you can avoid it. Empty space leads to items shifting, spilling, and breaking.

Don’t Mix Rooms

Putting whatever you see into boxes may sound tempting. But it can make unpacking a nightmare. Keep similar items that belong in the same room together. This will save you time in the long run.

Color Code Your Boxes to Corresponding Rooms

Writing “bedroom” on a box when there is more than one bedroom can be confusing. Instead, grab some bright colored stickers for the boxes, and use that same color to label the room they belong to.

Put Your Towels To Use

A great way to purposefully pack two items at once is to use towels to wrap the breakables. For example, pack the dishes by padding each dish with a kitchen towel.

Be Practical with Clothes

Leave your clothes in the drawers and wrap the drawers with plastic wrap. Then tackle the hanging clothes by bundling them up and putting them in garbage bags with the hook of the hanger sticking out.

Keep Assembly Parts and Chords in Bags

It can be frustrating to move into your new home and not be able to find the nuts and bolts to assemble your bed. To prevent this from happening, keep all small parts in plastic bags and make them easily accessible during the move.

Cover Your Mattress

Moving can be messy. Protect your mattress from any dust or dirt with a simple plastic mattress bag.

Consider New Bedding

Moving can also be a great time to consider new bedding. This negates the need to move a heavy mattress and allows you to order a mattress-in-a-box that can easily be delivered to your new home.

Better Sleep Ahead

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