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What Exercise Does to Your Sleep
21 Jan 2022 2 Min Read by Lucid

We know that exercise is essential to maintain a healthy weight, fend off a variety of diseases, and live a happier life. But it can also greatly impact the sleep we are getting. In fact, exercise and sleep go hand in hand.  


So how exactly does exercise improve our sleep? Below is a quick list of some reasons why exercise can help and some tips on how you can catch some z’s. 


Improves Sleep Quality 

It should go without saying, but the more energy we use from our reserve during the day, the greater need there is to reset at night. Regular exercise leaves us properly tired and lets us stay in REM sleep longer. 


Lowers Anxiety and Stress Levels 

Exercise releases endorphins that leave us energized and happy. These endorphins have proven to fight off stress, anxiety, and depression—key contributors to poor sleep. So not only will exercise help maintain and foster great mental health, but by eliminating these mental health stresses, your sleep will improve. 


Exercise with Daylight 

Exercising outdoors can help center our circadian rhythm. This resets our body clock and tires us at the right time. So try exercising outdoors in the sunlight. This will alert the brain to be awake at the right time and tired when it’s time to fall asleep. 


Be Cautious of Exercising at Night 

Exercising too close to bedtime can make it difficult for us to feel tired when we lay our heads down on the pillow. This is because exercise makes us feel alert and restless by increasing body temperature, heart rate, and adrenaline levels. Working out in the evening is okay, just limit the exercise to moderate levels such as a walk or yoga. Also, allow at least one hour before bed to wind down. 


Keep a Routine 

Keeping a routine gives us consistent quality sleep. Efficiency increases when there is a schedule that prepares our mind and body to exercise every day. So, pick a time of day and keep it consistent. If the time is sporadic, it will be less likely to stick. 


Better Sleep Ahead 

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