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Top Bedroom Trends for 2022

20th Dec 2021 • Lucid

As 2021 comes to a close, we look back at the bedroom trends that made our nights relaxed – eclectic décor, elements of nature, and industrial pieces such as Edison lightbulbs and concrete. 

Now with the new year approaching, perhaps you’re looking for a new you and a fresh start. What better place to begin than the space that holds the most personality and comfort – your bedroom? We thought it would be nice to have our own Lucid™ stylist, Tyler, give some insight on bedroom trends happening in 2022.

Elements of Nature

The stress over the last couple of years has brought the need for an escape and 2022 is no exception. Bedrooms inspired by nature are still in this year—including wood furniture, plants, lots of daylight, earthy textures, and colors. Plants provide warm earthy colors to enrich the environment. And rattan and wicker pieces such as chairs, baskets, and room dividers bring in natural wood and texture. 

What experts say:

“Natural materials are great to work with because they naturally (see what I did there?) lend themselves to a lot of other trends. A vibrant plant can add bold color. A wicker chair and a natural wood side table are great contrasting textures.”


Another way to make your room a stress-free oasis is to get rid of all the clutter. Decluttering can often give the illusion of a bigger space, so minimalism is ideal for small living. Replacing bedside lamps for wall lights and providing plenty of storage can create a cleaner, more inviting environment. 

What experts say:

“Sometimes less is more. I’d just remind you that minimalism is about intentionally using less.”

Rustic and Vintage

Rustic really helps kill two birds with one stone by bringing in elements of nature, such as a rustic wood headboard or a rattan furniture piece. And vintage gives a warm and personalized feel to any space. Balancing old and new can really make a bedroom feel like one of a kind. 

What experts say:

“Rustic and vintage are great styles that help make a space feel grounded and like they have a sense of self. Rustic is rarely “perfect” so those pieces will help add character to a room.”

Different Textures

Accent walls, such as paneling or wallpaper, can add a great focal point to any room. Eclectic is in, so switch out those matching pillows and bedspread for some different textured throw pillows and a Lucid comforter. Add personality to your bedroom. According to Tyler, this is much like styling your own wardrobe. 

What experts say:

“You don’t have to be a designer or decorator to know how to mix textures. If you’re struggling to know how to mix textures, it’s like getting dressed and mixing knits and denim, or leather and flannels.”

Large Headboards

Large headboards can really bring focus to any space. Make your bed a statement piece with a textured Lucid upholstered headboard. Texture and color can really liven up a living space. This is especially helpful for those living in an apartment or who are otherwise limited to what they can do with their walls. 

What experts say:

“A large headboard will help make a bed feel instantly luxurious. Be warned, going too big can make your room feel small.”

Bold Colors

Of course, white and grey will always be safe go-to colors. However, bolder colors are coming back in popularity. Orange, burgundy, mustard yellows, and bold greens bring bursts of life and character into a bedroom space. Decorate with some bright throw pillows or paint a bright accent wall for your focal point. 

What experts say:

“Bold colors will add a lot of personality to a room. Just be careful and keep the bold colors to an accent wall or accessories. Otherwise, the bold colors will easily overwhelm the balance of the room.”

Warm Lighting

Ditch the harsh white light and create a tranquil refuge with soft yellow light. Warm light is calm, cozy, and inviting. Lampshades that dim the brightness and harshness are also a must. Or, if you are looking to remodel, install lights that already have a built-in dim setting.

What experts say:

“You see it in movies and TV all the time. If you want a space to feel more intimate and closer, you dim the lights. It’s a great trick to make a large room feel more homey.”

Better Sleep Ahead   

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