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Pick the Right Pillow

8th Jan 2021 • Lucid

Choosing the right pillow is crucial to helping you achieve deep and healing sleep night after night. The easiest way to begin identifying the perfect pillow for you is deciding what position you spend the most time in during the night. Side, back, and stomach sleepers all benefit from different types of pillows because each position creates different pressure points. Follow this guide to learn our recommendations and start cruising for a snoozing tonight.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers benefit most from a plush and low-profile pillow that won’t put too much stress on your neck by raising your head too high. It's also a good idea to avoid any pillow that is too firm or features too high of a profile to ensure a comfortable sleep experience.

We recommend our Fiber and Shredded Foam Pillow with Zippered Cover that allows you to customize the amount of fill to perfectly fit your comfort preferences.

Side and Multi-Position Sleepers

If you are constantly changing your position from night to night, choosing the perfect pillow is tough. That’s why we recommend starting with a medium-feel pillow because it can accommodate varying positions better than the other two options.

We recommend our Scented Memory Foam Pillows for an all-around comfortable feel with the added breathability and soothing benefits of a ventilated aromatherapy pillow.

Back Sleepers

If you spend most nights sleeping on your back, the right pillow for you will provide ample neck support without creating too harsh of an angle.

We Recommend the Talalay Latex Pillow for a responsive and supportive sleep experience.