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How Sleep Fuels Your Summer Adventures

5th Jul 2023 • Lucid

It’s no secret. Good sleep makes everything better! And bad sleep makes everything…. interesting. The average adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night for peak physical and mental health. Kids should be getting more sleep than adults, with infants recommended at 12 to 16 hours per day, all the way to teens with 8 to 10 hours.

Going way under, or even way over, eight hours of snoozing can mess with you. And that’s especially frustrating in summer. Here’s why:

1. It’s tougher to regulate your emotions.

Sleep cleans up your mental debris so you can start the next day fresh. When you get good sleep, you can keep it together, emotionally speaking.

Sleep helps open communication between your pre-frontal cortex (decision maker) and your amygdala (emotional center).Good communication means regulated activity, allowing you to process your emotions without overreacting. Bad sleep means hyperactivity, mood swings, and some studies show, increased anger.

What kills a summer day activity quicker than a temper tantrum?

2. It affects your physical performance and athleticism.

Ok, maybe you’re not a professional athlete, so this one doesn’t scare you. But it should!

Summer is the perfect time for traveling, fun outdoor activities, and being on the go. Physical activity is literally more difficult when you’re tired. Studies show that athletes who do the same exercise at different levels of sleep deprivation perform significantly worse when tired. Slacking on sleep can throw off active summer plans, but tackling an activity while well rested will leave everyone smiling.

3. It keeps you healthy.

It’s finally time for the vacation you’ve been planning, but you have a cold. That’s a summertime nightmare. There are nearly a billion (figuratively) health benefits linked to good sleep—lower blood pressure, steadier blood sugar, immune boost, we could go on. Maximize the beautiful days by staying healthier and happier.

4. It keeps your brain sharp.

A lack of sleep makes you feel sluggish, grumpy, and just blah. That’s because sleep deprivation slows down your thought processes and makes you less alert. It can even impair your memory. These fun summer days are ones you want to remember, and creating a healthy sleep environment can keep you sharp for anything summer throws at you. 

Establishing a sleep schedule and routine for you and your family will help you make the most of summer. And sometimes, it’s totally worth it to stay up late campfires, fireflies, and concerts. But your best bet is to take on summer well rested.