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Feng Shui for Better Sleep
28 Aug 2020 1 Min Read by Lucid

Feng shui is the practice of harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment by arranging their home in a manner conducive to energy flow. Here are three tips to help you improve your sleep with the help of feng shui.  


Keep a Clean House  

Keeping your bedroom clutter-free is crucial to allow optimal energy flow. Make sure you don’t leave clothes, dishes, or garbage on the floor or stacked up on your nightstand. A clear bedroom will help you maintain a clear mind.  


Bed Placement  

The placement of your bed is central to good energy flow. Positioning the head of your bed against a wall will help you achieve more restful sleep by reducing the movement of energy flowing above your head.   


Another Reason to Get a Plant  

Many people bring plants into their homes in hopes that the plants provide oxygen and life. Plants can also be used to help balance the energy of your room and maybe even help you find more peace when going to sleep.  


Test, Rest, Repeat

Most of us style our bedrooms in a way that reflects our personality and identity. We generally don’t consider how the location of our bed and the placement of surrounding furniture is affecting our sleep and energy flow.  

Try implementing feng shui in your bedroom to help you find more peace at night.