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Equipment-Free Bedroom Workouts
27 Mar 2020 2 Min Read by Lucid

Most of us are spending more time inside right now, and we are unable to attend gym classes or enjoy some of our favorite outdoor activities. We thought it would be helpful to share a few of our favorite workouts that you can do from your bedroom to keep your fitness and sanity topped off. The best part is these workouts don’t require any gym equipment.


Mattress Bridges

Bridges engage your entire body and rely on your core for stability. Doing this exercise from your bed allows ample cushioning for your elbows and feet.


  • Assume a pushup position on your mattress
  • Drop down to your elbows and hold
  • Begin with 30-second sets and build up from there


Mattress Incline Pushups

Add a little extra intensity to standard pushups by placing your feet on the end of your bed.


  • Place your feet at one end of your bed
  • Begin with 10 slow and controlled reps


Sheet Rows

Suspension straps that hook to your door are the best option when trying to do rows at home; however, if you are newly adjusting to the home workout game and don’t have a set of professional suspension straps laying around, try this workout hack. This exercise is going to ask you to get a little creative and create some home workout equipment from items you already own. 


  • Take a bedsheet and tie a knot on one corner
  • Hang the sheet over your door and close the door
  • Pull the sheet until the knot is firmly against the door frame
  • Step away from the door and pull your body weight using the sheet
  • Maintain a flat back and straight legs
  • Position your feet closer to the door to increase the difficulty and further away to decrease the difficulty


Family Pillow Fight

This is our favorite workout that allows the whole family to enjoy a little cardio in a fun way.


  • Find the plushest and fluffiest pillows in your house
  • Make sure to swing with full rotation and proper form to engage your core
  • Set some ground rules (no face shots or putting batteries in your pillowcase etc.)
  • Blow off some steam and have some fun


Just Have Fun with It

Don't stress over not being able to spend the usual amount of time at the gym and try to make your home workouts fun and healing for your mind, body, and soul.