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Backyard Sleepover Guide

26th Jul 2022 • Lucid

Camping can be a big “to-do.” There is food to prep, and gear to pack. And with more people, the more chaotic it can be. You might look at the huge daunting list for camping travel and want to call it quits before you even get started. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You could always make it simple by having a small camping “trip” in your very own backyard.

Putting string lights on tent in backyard

The Benefits of Starting Simple

Perhaps you don’t have all the packing gear for a real camping excursion. Or let’s say that this is the first camping done in a long time or ever. Or maybe your child is afraid of bears. Whatever the reason, having a backyard sleepover is much less stressful and is great practice for camping first-timers.

Let’s Get Started

Now is the time to gather all the backyard camping essentials—blankets, sweaters, bug spray, flashlights, and of course, a tent. There are some great tent options available on Amazon, including the Coleman Sundome and the Campros CP tents. Or you can get really fancy and purchase a bell tent from Life inTents. Want to really simplify? Try camping under the stars or on a trampoline.

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent                                                Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

Fire Safety

If building a fire, make sure you are following all safety guidelines and local laws. Make sure dry branches and leaves are out of reach and build the fire pit with bricks or rocks. Bonus, this is a great time to teach the kids about fire safety.

Kids around a camp fire

Let the Fun Begin

Now it’s time to think of all the best parts of camping and bring them into your backyard. Roasting marshmallows is a must, and if you want to make it a whole meal, go ahead and prepare tinfoil dinners, roast hot dogs, and stack together a ‘smore. It’s also time to dust off that guitar and sing some camp songs. Or if you’re not musically inclined, telling ghost stories or star gazing is completely acceptable. All the traditional favorites are perfect for a first-time camping adventure.

Have a Themed Party

If the first backyard camping trip was a hit, try doing it again and mix it up with a themed night. Make it all about the kid’s favorite games or have a family movie night with a projector and popcorn. Or, have your daughter’s friends over for a spa night. No matter how you tailor your backyard adventure, it’s sure to create lasting memories.

Better Sleep Ahead

Once you’re done sleeping under the stars, visit our Lucid website for quality indoor bedding. 

Picnic set up by tent                                                  10 Fun Ideas for Your Backyard Campout | ParentMap