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4 Signs You Need a New Mattress
17 Feb 2022 3 Min Read by Lucid

It can be difficult to know what we should expect from our sleep when our current mattress has been with us for so long. But without the needed comfort and support, proper sleep can evade us, which leads to many negative side effects.  

So how do we know when it’s time to call it quits and start new? Below we’ve listed four signs we may need a new mattress.  


Body Aches 

Many aches and pains are caused by a mattress that has lost its shape. Small differences can cause issues for our back and joints when we wake up. So, if there are no other outside factors to explain our body aches, take a closer look at the mattress.  


Mattress Has Been Owned for Several Years 

The average lifespan of a mattress is seven years. And our Lucid mattresses are expected to last 10 years. Rotating the mattress frequently and using a mattress protector will prolong the life as much as possible. But if the mattress has been owned for longer than a decade, it’s time to throw it out.   


Restless Sleep 

Make sure to practice good bedtime routines, including no screentime, caffeine, or late-night eating. But if healthy bedtime practices are the norm and waking up super tired is still a problem, it’s time to reconsider the mattress that is being used.  


Too Uncomfortable 

We’ve all been there. Our head hits the pillow, and we are unable to get comfortable. If insomnia is not the culprit, we might have a mattress that isn’t the right fit for us. It may be too firm or too soft, and like Goldilocks, we’ll need to find one that is just right.  


Side Effects of Poor Sleep 

Our health hinges on getting good sleep. Not getting enough rest is linked to a weakened immune system and emotional instability, such as depression, and anxiety. And it increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. An easy first step to a healthy life is making sure we have a good mattress that helps us sleep.  



Since everyone has personal preferences, it can be difficult to narrow down a specific mattress, but we are happy to help navigate the choices. Visit our Lucid website and you’ll see that we rate our mattresses on a firmness scale of one to five—one is the most firm and five is the softest. Our memory foam mattress has a responsive “sink-in” feeling. Latex mattress is reflexive with a “push-back” feeling. And hybrid mattress refers to memory foam or latex as a top layer and innerspring on the bottom for a supportive combination. Back and stomach sleepers will need something more supportive, such as a firm or medium-firm mattress. And side sleepers can go a bit softer. Take our mattress quiz to see which is the best for you.  

If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-975-8243. We are happy to help.