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10 Things To Improve Your Sleep While Congested
4 Mar 2022 4 Min Read by Lucid

Congestion can be a real challenge when it comes to getting proper sleep. Unfortunately, allergy season is just around the corner and we are still currently dealing with flu season. So whether we are fighting allergens in the air or dealing with a cold, sleep can often evade us. Below we’ve listed 10 ways to combat congestion to catch some much-needed sleep.  


Limit Pet Dander 

We love our pets. But when we are congested, pet dander can be a hindrance, containing allergens that irritate our nose and making it even more difficult to breathe.   

Find a pet bed or other place for your pet to sleep until your congestion passes.  


Use Nasal Spray 

Nasal spray allows moisture and air to pass through our nasal passages by breaking up the most difficult mucous and shrinking swollen blood vessels. Nasal sprays are available over the counter or with a prescription for special circumstances.  

Consult your doctor to see if nasal spray is right for you. 


Add Some Moisture to the Air 

Thick mucus can be caused by dry air. So for those living in dry climates, dry air with a cold or allergies can especially be a challenge. To combat this, introduce moisture in the air. Moisture is key to helping fight nasty congestion.  

Make sure a humidifier is in the bedroom to help loosen up the phlegm. A hot shower before bed can help too.  


Try Brothy Soup 

Hot broth can really help soothe inflamed passages, and the steam, as mentioned before, can help loosen things up. In fact, experts suggest that chicken soup specifically has other bonuses to help ease inflammation.  

To bring relief, try some chicken noodle soup or some warm broth. 


Use an Air Filter 

Dust mites can be a real hindrance when fighting congestion, especially those who are fighting allergies. So what do we do when dust seems to be everywhere? Filter out the worst dust particles. Filtering can help make sure the air we are breathing is clean.  

To make sure dust isn’t a pain, use an air purifier in your bedroom to catch all excess dust particles. 


Drink Tea 

We’ve all been there – there is something so soothing about drinking a warm beverage when under the weather. Not only does tea have soothing benefits when we’re sick, but the warm steam can also help clear those nasal passages just like soup broth.   

Try Peppermint or Chamomile tea to help clear your nose and soothe your tired body.  


Clean Bedding 

Dust mites and other allergens cling to everything, including bedding. And without clean sheets, we are left with a cloud of dust that flurries in the air and lingers on the fabric as we lay our heads down every night. Pleh!   

Frequently clean your sheets every few weeks to mitigate the chance of dust clinging to the fabric and irritating your nose.  


Apply Vapor Rub 

Vapor rub applied to the chest and neck has proven to improve the quality of sleep by tricking the brain into thinking that our nasal passages are clear. While not a decongestant, vapor rub helps aid in relief and relaxation, allowing us to get the sleep that we crave.  

 A little goes a long way. Try using some vapor rub on your chest and neck for some congestion relief.  


Elevate Your Head 

Lying flat allows mucous to build up and sit in our heads and chest. The best way to counteract this stationary state is to elevate our heads. This increases drainage and allows us to find the right elevation to make a difference in our sleep.   

Try adding an extra pillow to elevate your head. Or, if this is an ongoing issue, invest in an adjustable base for optimal comfort. 


Use Nasal Strips 

Nasal strips help clear air passageways and increase airflow. So if the struggle to get sleep is constant, such as severe allergies, a long-term solution such as nasal strips may be the way to go. This also helps if the obstruction is making it difficult for a partner to sleep as well.   

Talk to your doctor to see if nasal strips are the right solution for your congestion.  


Talk to Your Doctor 

While these are all good suggestions, we do advise you to talk to your primary care physician for the best treatments for your individual circumstances.   


Better Sleep Ahead 

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