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Unboxing Your New Lucid Mattress
27 Sep 2018 1 Min Read by Lucid

Once your Lucid Mattress is delivered to your doorstep, we ask you to restrain your natural instinct to tear into it like a carefree kid on Christmas.

To ensure the safety and longevity of your mattress, please follow these unboxing and setup instructions.


Fun fact: mattresses are much easier to transfer while compressed.

Grab a friend and team carry your mattress to the desired room of installation before unboxing. This helps to avoid the arduous process or transporting a floppy mattress.


Take care when using a knife or scissors as you may accidentally damage your product. Once you've opened the box, slide out the tightly wrapped mattress.


In the box you will find a Lucid branded letter opener. Use the Lucid letter opener to tear through the plastic encasing the mattress (careful not to pierce your purchase).


Lay your mattress flush on your bed base and allow it 48 hours to fully decompress and disperse of any odor trapped within the foam.


Responsibly dispose of all your packaging.


Style your new bed to your liking and enjoy the dreams of your labor.