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Transitioning to Daylight Savings Time
28 Mar 2019 2 Min Read by Lucid

Child sleeping on a bed

Sleep schedules are something we hold sacred around here, and with the inevitable shift to Daylight Saving Time (DST) just a couple days away, we thought it might be beneficial to shed some light on how to approach the shifting of the clocks.

In our mind, only two options present themselves when dealing with DST. Accept our insignificance and conform to the concept of “time” or do your own thing like Arizona (and probably Kanye West). While the latter sounds ideal, it would make catching all of your favorite shows a nightmare, and realistically just isn’t in the cards this year.

To help you and your family overcome the sleep-shattering effects of DST, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and motivation to make your transition as smooth as a Hanson Brother harmony.

Calm Before the Storm

First things first, make sure you and your family are getting plenty of rest leading up to the big day. Just like how elite athletes prepare before big events, you need to take advantage of the time you have now and make the most of it. Sleep early and often, because you may be wishing you had come Sunday.

Stick to a Schedule

Long-time instituters of sleep schedules can attest to the benefits to both children and parents. Kids need a lot of sleep, especially early on. Sleep schedules are proven to set an expectation of sleep but train their minds to be ready for a healthy dose of rejuvenating sleep. Sleep schedules also provide parents with some alone time, a period we like to call “Adult Swim.” If you have been a little lax when it comes to a designated bedtime, treat DST as an opportunity to start fresh. We recommend making bedtime a special event to look forward to, by reading a story or having a bath before sleep time.

Practice Patience

It’s totally normal for your child to act out as a result of sleep deprivation. Who likes to operate without sufficient sleep? While implementing and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule is crucial for your child’s sleep and your overall sanity, it’s important to be understanding and willing to help your child adapt to the new schedule over time.

Prioritize Your Own Rest

Just like securing your own oxygen mask on an airplane before attending to others, you need to make sure you are prioritizing your own rest. As a parent, it’s easy to forget that you also possess a human body that needs sleep when you focus so deeply on raising a healthy child. By getting enough sleep, you will be better equipped to handle any issues that may arise as a result of the time change.

Whether you choose to move to Arizona, adopt Kanye Standard Time or welcome DST with a smile, please remember that the effects of DST are short-lived, and you don’t have to face this sleep-snatching monster again until November.