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King vs. Split King Bed: Which One is Right For You?

21st Aug 2023

Choosing the right bed is almost as important as choosing who to marry, and in order to make big decisions like that, you need a little background info. To choose between a King and Split King bed setup, you need to know a few basics like how big a King size bed is? What does Split King mean? What is the difference between a King and Split King bed? And finally, the benefits of each and how to know which bed is right for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the background you came here for.

What’s the Difference Between a King and Split King Bed?

The short answer, not much. But a few minor differences can make or break your happiness in the bedroom. Both King and Split King beds measure 76” wide x 80” long, so they are the exact same size and can fit into the same King size bed frame. The difference is, a Split King bed is comprised of two Twin XL mattresses set up side by side, like shown below.

Benefits of a King Bed

A King mattress is the widest mattress on the market. This means it is extra roomy and has plenty of space for couples who like to spread out or parents who enjoy co-sleeping with their toddlers or pets. King is also a standard size mattress so linens and bedding to accommodate a King size bed are easy to find on Amazon or any other mattress and bedding site, like ours. ? King beds are also great for primary bedrooms and large rooms where you need to fill up lots of space easily.

The one con to a King size bed is that it is very, very large, making it hard to maneuver and move. Once you choose a home for your King bed, plan on it staying there forever.

Benefits of a Split King Bed

A Split King bed has a couple of the same benefits listed above, it is super roomy and great to fill a large space. Sleeping on two separate beds also helps isolate motion if you or your partner are light sleepers. At the same time, two Twin XL beds make moving the bed more convenient and allow for greater customization for each person sharing the bed. For example, if you sleep on your stomach and your partner sleeps on their side, you can choose a firm Twin XL mattress and a plush Twin XL mattress to help each of you get the best sleep possible and obtain maximum comfort through the night. The same principle applies to using an adjustable bed base. Adjustable bases are great, but if you like to sleep with your head up and your partner prefers not to, instead of compromising comfort, you can each sleep exactly how you prefer with a Split King setup.

Sounds pretty great, right? It is, but there are a few cons to consider. Combining two mattresses into one, naturally leaves a small gap between mattresses. This can be a deterrent if you love to sleep cuddled up next to your partner or tend to share a bed with a child or pet. There are tricks to closing the gap, like split King sheets, non-slip mattress pads, or hooking the beds together, but it will always be there. Another thing to consider when buying a Split King is the extra cost. Because you have to buy two mattresses and two sets of bedding, or specialized bedding, a Split King is more expensive than a King bed. So, if you are on a budget, then a King is probably better for you.

How to Know Which One is Right for You?

Now that you have the basic background info, the question remains, which bed is right for you?

A King mattress is best for couples who need lots of space, but still like to cuddle. It is also a better fit for couples who often share their bed with a child or pet and those who prefer to keep their shopping simple.

A Split king bed is best for couples with drastically different sleeping preferences and light sleepers who find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep while sleeping with a partner. Finally, if you have an adjustable bed base and you prefer to sleep with different settings than your partner, then a Split King bed will allow you the customization you need.

The Perfect Setup

If you are ready to upgrade to a King size bed, then look no further than our Trailblazer Bundle. This bundle combines two of sleep’s freshest players— a 12” Latex Hybrid Mattress and an L300 Adjustable Bed Base— to bring you optimal, and roomy, comfort at an amazing price.

And there you have it. Finding the perfect bed setup for your space and circumstances is important. It can improve your sleep quality which will help enhance your experiences throughout the day. So, whether you try our ready-made Trailblazer Bundle or create your own Split King bed from two Twin XL mattresses, we’ve got sleep covered.