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Fall to Sleep: Why This Season is Best for Sleep

2nd Nov 2022 • Lucid

Farewell to the hot sticky nights of summer and welcome to the cool crisp fall air. A more comfortable temperature means an optimal environment for sleep. Here are four reasons why fall is the best season for sleep.

Fresh Autumn Air

With fall comes cooler temperatures. And since the ideal temperature for great sleep is 60-68 degrees, now is the best time to sleep with your windows open. Breathe in the fresh air and give yourself an optimal environment for restorative sleep. This cool autumn air will help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Shorter Days

With sunlight, our temperature rises, and our cortisol levels increase, leaving us feeling alert. But with shorter days and with less sunlight our circadian rhythm (our internal body clock) changes. When it becomes dark, melatonin is released in our bodies, making us tired. Less light means more drowsiness, creating the optimal time for better sleep. To make sure your circadian rhythm stays regular, take fall walks outside to soak in some sun rays, priming your body for a regular sleep cycle when it gets dark.

No More Allergies

Spring and summer is prime time for allergies. Some who suffer the worst of these allergens may feel relief when fall approaches. Autumn means that there are no more allergens in the air such as pollen, dust, and mold. And no more suffering from congestion from these allergens means that you can breathe easily and sleep deep.

Snuggle Up

Fall is the season of snuggling up with a warm sweater, blanket, hot tea, and hot cocoa. These practices are ripe with pre-bed rituals that will give you a more restful sleep. So unplug from your screens, snuggle up with a warm comforter and soft pillow, and read a good book to start your sleep ritual off right.

Better Sleep Ahead

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