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Back to School: Dorm Room Essentials

15th Aug 2022 • Lucid

Back to School is fast approaching. It may feel like it has snuck up on you. This may be stress-inducing for anyone about to send their kid off to college. There’s so much that a child needs when living away from home! Where do you start? Below we’ve included some dorm room essentials that will help start the school year right.

student studying anatomy

Making the Most of Your Space

Sharing space with a roommate means that your child may have to find ways to maximize the limited amount of space available to them. The minimalist life may not be easy but with a few tweaks, your child will be on their way to making the most of their space. Small closet? Try cascading hangers so your child can utilize all the vertical space. Not enough outlets to plug in all the electronics? Try a lamp charging station. These few hacks are just the beginning of the ultimate minimalist life. Check out more space-saving ideas here.

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Good Hygiene

We’ve all had that roommate—the one that has a slight odor and leaves piles of laundry on the floor. Don’t let your child be that person. Set your kid up for peak roommate standards with some great hygiene essentials such as a 6-piece towel set, a portable shower caddy, and a tall laundry hamper. Not only are these perfect necessities for living on your own. But any roommate will be grateful for the stand-up roommate etiquette.

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Invest in Sleep

Revising a paper. Late-night study sessions. Exams the next day. There are lots of reasons why good sleep is essential when attending school. In fact, studies show that good sleep helps us process information and remember that information long term. In other words, better sleep equals better grades. To help your child get the best night’s sleep, try our Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper to help soften up that hard mattress, or try the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow to help better support your child’s head and neck.

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Better Sleep Ahead

Dorm room sleep doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Visit our Lucid website for more quality sleep products.