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American Mattress Alliance

5th May 2020 • Lucid

The American Mattress Alliance was created in response to a petition filed on March 31, 2020, by some of the suppliers of other major mattress brands.

This antidumping suit would place unreasonable duties on all mattresses manufactured in Vietnam, Thailand, Serbia, Turkey, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and put many of the hundreds affected by the petition out of business.

An estimated 12,000 jobs rely directly on the American businesses that import mattresses. A further 256,000 American retail jobs in the home furnishings and mattress industries would be negatively impacted should this move forward. As the country grapples with a devastated economy and a global pandemic, we need to stand together

We are proud to join with the American Mattress Alliance in protecting American jobs and free trade.

How Can You Help?

Join with the American Mattress Alliance in formally disputing the recent petition filed with the International Trade Commission against imported mattresses. The AMA emphatically denies any dumping and insists that its members operate within the confines of free and fair trade.

By filling out the form linked below, a letter will be submitted on your behalf to the petitioners, your elected government officials, and mattress manufacturers across the country.

Together we can make a difference and save American jobs.

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