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A Sleep Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

3rd Dec 2021 • Lucid

Do you have a loved one who can’t seem to ever get enough sleep? Or perhaps you fit the description yourself. Whether you or someone you love are looking for the best night's sleep, here is a list of our top Amazon sleep product recommendations this holiday season. 

Lucid Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow

A body pillow is perfect for those that have to hold something while they sleep. The Lucid Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow is moldable for your comfort, making this the perfect co-sleeper for your cuddling needs. Pregnant women or those who need pressure relief also benefit from this ideal blend of support and comfort.

Lucid Lavender Scented Pillow

If you're looking for plush support for your head, the Lucid Lavender Scented Pillow is the way to go. This pillow comes with a Lavender scent that promotes calming and relaxation. Plus, the ventilation for breathability also cradles your head with responsive memory foam. 

Hatch Restore

Are you a person that can't sleep when it's completely silent or dark? The Hatch Restore provides a calming sleep routine with soft light, white noise, and a gentle alarm clock. Put your mind at rest by creating just the right ambiance with a variety of soothing sounds and warm-toned light. Big bonus: you can also control the features with an app from your phone.

Sleep Eye Mask

Block out the light with this super soft MZOO Sleep Eye Mask. You can use it while traveling, or just when you want to block out the sun for an afternoon nap. Easy to use and wash, this mask is an affordable addition to add to any sleep regimen. 

Malouf Weighted Blanket

For those who struggle with anxiety or are restless sleepers, weighted blankets should be your go-to. They add the comfort and pressure of a hug as you lay down to sleep and can help reduce stress. The Malouf Anchor Blanket comes with an easy-to-wash duvet cover, making this purchase an easy-maintenance choice.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Synchronize your breathing with the rhythm of a light projected on the ceiling with this Dodow Sleep Aid Device. This breathing exercise can promote calming of the mind and slow metabolism for a more restful state of sleep. Keep in mind that this exercise won’t work if you have an eye mask on (wink, wink).

Better Sleep Awaits

We’re happy to recommend products for an all-around better sleep experience this holiday season. Head to the Lucid website for more quality sleep products that you and your loved ones are bound to enjoy.