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5 Realistic Resolutions for Better Sleep in 2020
3 Jan 2020 2 Min Read by Lucid

It can be pretty easy to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. This year we want to be reasonable with ourselves by setting some realistic resolutions for better sleep that anyone can accomplish.

30 Minute Bedtime Window

There will never be enough time to watch all the shows and browse all the posts we want to see, so we often sacrifice sleep to make time to accommodate our unquenchable hunger for more content. It’s important to step back from your screens and stick to a scheduled bedtime window.

Assign yourself a 30-minute window in which you get in bed. This will help give you time to overcome last-minute surprises while still sticking to a regular sleep schedule.

Setting and sticking to a routine will help train your brain and body to prepare for sleep every night at the same time.

Utilize Naps

2020 is the year to rebrand the negative stigma that it's lazy to take a nap. Naps are used by professional athletes to give them a competitive edge before big games. 

Start enjoying the benefits of a power nap by supplementing a less than perfect slumber with a short and lucrative nap.

Encourage Children to Sleep in Their Own Beds

We love cuddles of all varieties; children, puppies, we want them all! However, it is important to keep your bed free of children to truly create a relaxing environment conducive to healthy sleep.

Allowing children to learn to love their beds helps them establish a safe space all their own, where they are free to launch into a world of dreams. 

It's healthy to establish a few boundaries that will help you and your children to find a great night's sleep.

Upgrade Your Sleep Space

Nothing gets us more excited to go to bed than a cozy new sleep accessory. Whether it’s a blanket, pillow, or adjustable bed base, upgrading your current sleep tools could potentially transform how you sleep.

Most people wait too long before replacing old and uncomfortable mattresses and pillows. Do yourself a favor and start the year with a fresh set of sleep essentials.

Prioritize Being Active

Getting in great shape is probably the most popular resolution in the world. While we are all for getting in superhero shape, most of us don’t have access to a dietician, chef, personal trainer, or the time necessary.

What we can do is prioritize getting outside for a walk or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even a little increase in activity can greatly impact how well you sleep.

Setting unrealistic goals is the same as setting yourself up to fail. It can be discouraging and detrimental to future improvement to never accomplish your goals, so join us this year as we continue to strive to become our best selves by improving step by step.