Ultra Heavy Duty Mattress Bag

Ultra Heavy Duty Mattress Bag

Ultra Heavy Duty Mattress Bag

$14.99 - $22.99

Get ultra heavy duty protection of your mattress when you move. With dual adhesive strip-closure and heavyweight 6 mm material, it resists rips and blocks out dust, moisture and pests to keep your mattress clean and dry. It's the perfect solution for moving, storage or disposing of a bed bug-infested mattress.

  • Made of ultra heavy duty 6 mil polypropylene for dependable protection
  • Great for moving, storage or disposing of a mattress or box spring
  • Flap closure with dual adhesive strips for a secure fit
  • Fits all mattress types to block out moisture, dirt and pests
Product at a Glance
Thickness: 6 mm
Featured Material: Polyethylene
Shipping: *Free Shipping to the Continental US

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use these mattress bags for a box spring?

    Yes, these bags can accommodate a box spring or regular top mattress.

  • Is it okay to use these bags for things other than mattress storage?

    These mattress bags work great for other uses. You can cover and protect other items, such as furniture, plants, and odds and ends that need a reliable method of protection.

  • Are these mattress bags durable?

    Yes, these bags are durable. Depending on your intended use, you may want to order our 6-mil mattress bags for even more durability.

  • Does this bag have handles?

    None of our bags have handles, as we’ve found they often tear off.

  • Which mattress bag type should I choose?

    The 2-mil option is best for storage. The 3-mil is best for storage or light moving – if you have a thin mattress, this could work well. The 6-mil is the best for moving any piece of furniture. It is strong enough to carry most items by the bag.

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