10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress

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10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress




Experience superior comfort with the Lucid 10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress. It all starts with the 1.5-inch layer of conforming memory foam atop 4 layers of foam and individually-encased steel coils. Together, they support your curves with just the right amount of give. The naturally odor-reducing and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo charcoal make our memory foam cooler than regular memory foam—plus, it eliminates odors. The aloe vera infusions leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated night after night. Topped with a classy circular knit cover, this bed is sure to impress in the kid’s room, the guest room, or the master suite.

New! Works great with adjustable bed bases.

  • Memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal and conforms to any sleep style

  • Aloe vera regenerates the fabrics of your bedding for daily freshness

  • Individually-encased steel coils provide great pushback and lasting edge support

  • Classy fabric cover is also flame-resistant and safe in any bedroom

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10 Year Warranty

It's what's on the inside that counts

Soft and Breathable Cover

This comfortable and breathable cover enhances the feel of your bed while providing a nice air layer between your body and the mattress.

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

The infusion of bamboo charcoal into the memory foam helps to create an odor and temperature neutralizing sleep environment in addition to providing increased comfort.

Aloe Vera-Infused Memory Foam

A layer of aloe-infused memory foam promotes freshness to create a serene and luxurious sleep space.

Individually-Encased Coils

Individually-encased coils provide your body with increased pressure relief while limiting the amount of motion transfer.

Improved Edge Support

Spread out and enjoy the entirety of your bed thanks to great edge support. Regardless of your sleeping position, you can find comfort.

Upgrade Your Downtime

Elevate your sleep experience to an all-time high by pairing your current mattress with one of our adjustable bed bases. Check out our L300 adjustable bed base, the #1 adjustable bed base on the internet.

Individually-Encased Coils

Coils respond independently providing a variety of body types with personalized comfort, increased airflow, and limited motion transfer.

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Full: 54 x 75 Cal King: 72 x 84 King: 76 x 80 Twin Xl: 39 x 80 Queen: 60 x 80

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Featured Material:

Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam
Individually-Encased Steel Coils

Ideal Sleeping Position:

Side, Back, & Stomach




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10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

At Lucid, we take quality very seriously. This is proven in our lab-certified safe memory foam, moisture-controlling TENCEL™ lyocell blend mattress covers, and supportive high-density base foam. We guarantee all our mattresses with industry-leading warranties, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in complete confidence.

Warranty applies only to products purchased in the United States.

Works with any surface

Every bedroom has a unique style and look. It’s nice to know that Lucid mattresses work with a wide variety of bed frames. Choose anything from a sleek and minimalist platform to a storage-centered metal grid to a maximum comfort adjustable bed base. Be sure your slat bed frame spacing is no wider than 4 inches. And although it won’t affect the durability of your mattress, the only option we don’t recommend is placing your new mattress on the floor—it just makes it a little easier for creepy crawlies to climb in with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty on this mattress covers any manufacturer issues or unusual wear in the material.

How long will this mattress last/what is the quality?

This is a high-quality mattress that is made with only the best components to ensure that it will feel great and be durable and long-lasting.

What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress? 

Memory foam is designed to have a plush, sinking in feel while latex is designed to have more of a springy, responsive feel.  

How is memory foam different than a traditional spring mattress?  

A traditional innerspring mattress will have a much springier feel than a solid memory foam mattress. Memory foam has a denser feel than springs and is designed to help with pressure points. Many first-time memory foam users find that an all-foam mattress has a firmer feel than their old innerspring mattress.  

How do I soften a mattress that is too firm for me?  

Adding a memory foam topper is a great way to soften the feel of any too-firm mattress. Memory foam toppers are designed to have a very plush feel. The thicker the topper the more plush the topper will be.

Is there a weight limit? 

No, this mattress is designed to hold any reasonable amount of human weight. Any weight limit will come from the bed frame the mattress is being used on.

Can I remove the cover?  

No, the cover on this mattress is not removable. If the mattress needs to be cleaned we recommend spot cleaning with a mild detergent and using a mattress protector to protect against any spills.

Will there be a new memory foam smell? 

All new foam products can have a new smell when they are first opened, especially as they expand. This smell is completely harmless and should dissipate very quickly. A great way to air out this mattress is to place it in a well ventilated room with a fan blowing on it.

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