We’ve designed our hybrid, latex, and gel-infused memory foam mattresses for every sleep style and every stage of life. Better, more restful sleep starts now. 

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    Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?


    Back sleepers can go on the softer side. We recommend a medium-firm to plush mattress that provides support with soft foam layers to relieve pressure point aches and pains.


    Side sleepers can choose a plush to ultra-plush mattress, depending on your preferences, because the cushioning layers cradle your hips and shoulders.


    Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress. Stomach sleeping on a soft surface can cause back and hip pain, so a firm feel with plenty of support is ideal.


    You lucky duck, you’re so flexible! If you move positions while sleeping, a medium to medium-firm option is the best bet for consistent support.

    five out of five stars

    This mattress is so comfortable! I used to wake up in pain and it wasn't until I got this mattress that I realized my old mattress was the problem! No more pain and wake up so refreshed every morning, highly recommend.

    five out of five stars

    I purchased this mattress for a guest suite. We've slept on it ourselves several nights and so far have loved it. I sleep on my side and my husband sleeps on his back. We're both happy!

    Olivia G.
    five out of five stars

    I work for a mattress manufacturer and I get the opportunity to sample a large number of mattresses, from a number of manufacturers. Some seem to feel too soft, and others feel too hard, but the Lucid Bamboo and Aloe Vera infused memory foam hybrid mattress feels just right. I now understand what Goldilocks was talking about :)

    Steve P.
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    • What makes Lucid different than other mattress brands?

      We use our years of experience to design quality, comfortable, affordable mattresses—backed by a 100-day sleep trial and 10-year warranty. Plus, as a Certified B Corporation®, you can feel good shopping at Lucid.

    • What is the best type of mattress for me?

      The best mattress for you depends on your preference. If you're looking for more support, one of our hybrid options would be best for you. If you want the contouring feel of pure memory foam, you'd like the memory foam mattress.

    • What size mattress do I need?  

      The best size mattress for each person depends on a variety of factors—room size, who will be sleeping in the bed, etc. A Split King is very popular as both you and your partner can control your own side of the bed when paired with an adjustable base. You can view our mattress size guide [link] or mattress comparison chart [link] to learn more.

    • What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress?

      Memory foam is designed to have a plush, sinking in feel while latex is designed to have more of a springy, responsive feel.

    • How is memory foam different than a traditional spring mattress?

      A traditional innerspring mattress will have a much springier feel than a solid memory foam mattress. Memory foam has a denser feel than springs and is designed to help with pressure points. Many first-time memory foam users find that an all-foam mattress has a firmer feel than their old innerspring mattress.

    • How does your 100-night sleep trial work?

      When initiating a return for a Lucid™ mattress, there are a few important guidelines to keep in mind. Firstly, request a return within 100 days of delivery. But, before initiating a return, we ask that you sleep on it for at least 30 days so you can adjust to the new mattress. If after this period you are still not satisfied with your purchase, you may initiate a return. To receive a full refund, you must have the receipt and warranty documentation for the mattress purchase AND you must use a mattress protector during the 100-day trial period. To return an online purchase, send us an email at

    • What type of frame can this be used on?

      All Lucid mattresses are made to work with any flat foundation without the need for a box spring. Simply place your base directly on an adjustable base, flat frame, or upholstered platform base.

    • What does the warranty cover?

      This warranty covers any defects in the materials or workmanship, with the exceptions of excessive wear and tear, stains, misuse or improper care, alteration or repair by unauthorized representatives, and damage resulting from transit or handling, or commercial use.

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