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Tips for Optimizing Your Bedroom on Wheels
9 Apr 2021 2 Min Read by Lucid

Life on the road has evolved quite a bit over the past couple of years and can now be extremely comfortable with the right setup. Here are a few areas to consider when you're getting ready to transition to life in a van, RV, or Skoolie.



Camping pads are great for a couple of nights when you need to pack light and comfort is tertiary to adventure; however, nothing beats the plush feel and supportive nature of a real mattress when it comes to long-term comfort.   

Our specially designed Short Queen Mattresses pack all the comfort of a traditional Queen mattress into a more compact package. This unique mattress allows you to satisfy your wanderlust as well as your lust for a deep and relaxing sleep.   

Pro Tip: Never cut or alter the shape of your mattress as this will not only void the warranty but also affect the performance and durability of the mattress.   


Soothing Infusions 

Sometimes your vehicle may get a little too warm or smelly for comfort.  

Pro Tip: Add a few pillows infused with temperature-regulating gel or relaxing lavender to help keep you cool and calm no matter the conditions.  



There are a few different avenues you can take when deciding on what means you plan on taking to serve as your toilet/shower on the road. You can install an actual working toilet, grab a bucket, or rely on the great outdoors and the kindness of store owners.  

Pro Tip: We recommend picking up a gym membership with plenty of locations spread all across the country that could provide a shower and a toilet no matter what town you end up in.   



Don’t rely on your car battery alone to provide all the power for your makeshift home. Nothing is worse than being stranded because you had to watch one more episode of your favorite show. 

Pro Tip: We recommend picking up additional car batteries and even a solar panel to help passively charge your vehicle.