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Expand your horizons by choosing the Lucid Wake-Up light to facilitate your sleep experience. Winding down and waking up has never been easier. The 10 various brightness settings mimic natural light to help you relax. Use the sunset setting that slowly dims over time to help regulate your circadian rhythm. Or use the sunrise setting that slowly brightens in the morning to gently wake you up. Or you can tailor the light to your preference as a table lamp or night light. Six soothing sounds promote a relaxing environment: farm, rainforest, stream, birds, water, and ocean, which you can use to wind down in the evening or wake up in the morning as an alarm. And the seven color options offer personalization for room décor. Cord and limited battery operated; this wake-up light can be used anywhere in any situation. Comfort awaits.

  • Noise machine includes six soothing sounds to create a relaxing sleep environment for winding down and waking up. Choose between farm, rainforest, stream, birds, water, or ocean to slowly lull you to sleep or program the clock to wake you up.
  • Use the digital clock colors to set the right mood. A variety of light colors allow you to customize your sleep experience with seven different options: white, green, red, blue, purple, sunset light orange, or indigo.
  • The alarm clock includes six soothing sounds to choose from to gently wake you up in the morning or you can simply choose to wake up to your favorite radio station. Try the sunrise setting to wake up to a simulated sunrise.
  • Ten brightness settings can be programmed to simulate a sunset for relaxation and sunrise to help you wake up, keeping your circadian rhythm in sync. Brightness can also be customized to use as a nightlight or reading light.
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