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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023
3 May 2023 4 Min Read by Lucid

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and as people who have wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends we cherish, we know the stress, and love, this day can bring. So, we wanted to do our tiny little part by helping you find the perfect gift for the women in your life or, let’s be honest, yourself. Keep reading for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide featuring Lucid products mom will love.  



1. For the Mom Who Can’t Sleep Through the Night 

The 10" Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress 

  • Universally comfortable memory foam hybrid mattress
  • Infused with bamboo charcoal to naturally combat odors
  • 10 Inch profile is the perfect thickness 

If your mom is sick of tossing and turning all night only to wake up with stiff joints and minor aches, then this mattress will change her world. The premium hybrid design combines plush memory foam and supportive springs to bring her the best of both worlds. Helping her sleep through the night is the gift that keeps on giving. 

2. For the Mom Who Wakes Up Achy 

2-Inch 5-Zone Gel Mattress Topper 

  • 2 inches of plush memory foam 
  • 5 unique comfort zones for customized pressure point relief  
  • Softens a too-hard mattress or rejuvenates an old mattress 

If your mom thinks her old mattress is just fine but she still wakes up every morning with stiff joints and other pains, then her mattress is not just fine, and this gel mattress topper is a great compromise. You can save her back and hips without forcing an entirely new bed on her. 

3. For the Mom Who Loves Simple Luxuries 

Cotton-Rich Sheet Set 

  • Luxurious 600 TC cotton rich sheet set
  • Includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases
  • Soft cotton feel with a wrinkle-free finish 

Who doesn’t love to feel luxuriously cozy when they snuggle into their bed at night? Topping her bed with these 600 thread count sheets will elevate the overall feel of her space and help your mom feel like the luxurious queen she is. 

4. For the Mom Who Won’t Admit She Snores 

L300 Adjustable Bed Base 

  • Sleep elevated, literally, with an adjustable bed base 
  • Independent head and foot incline with anti-snore positioning 
  • Dual USB charging ports, wireless remote, and programmable memory position 

Adjustable beds aren’t just for hospitals. Introduce your mom to a whole new world of zero-gravity sleeping, reading in bed without all those extra pillows, and even an anti-snore sleeping position. The benefits of sleeping elevated are unmatched, and so is your love for your mom if you get her this amazing gift. 

5. For the Mom Still Sleeping On That 10-Year-Old Pillow 

Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow 

  • Adjustable shredded memory foam pillow 
  • Shredded fill is breathable and allergen-free 
  • Easily mold this pillow to your ideal shape and size for a customized sleep experience 

The right pillow is as important for great sleep as the right mattress. Whether she’s a side, back or stomach sleeper, this shredded memory foam pillow will help align the spine and keep your mom sleeping comfortably through the night. 

6. For the Mom Who Loves a Finished Project 

Upholstered Bed with Vertical Channel Headboard 

  • An upholstered platform bed frame with tapered wood legs 
  • Complete with a matching upholstered headboard 
  • Padded vertical channels create a modern, designer feel 

If your mom loves a chic designer feel and a completed look, then she will love the addition of this beautiful bed frame and headboard to her bedroom. Replace her clunky old box spring setup with this modern upgrade that can support any mattress all on its own. She may not know she needs it now, but it will change her life for the better.  


So, what are you waiting for? Give your mom the gift of incredible comfort, amazing sleep, and her most peaceful nights yet with one of these Mother’s Day gifts from Lucid. She’ll be thanking you for years to come. Happy Mother’s Day!