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How To Choose the Best Mattress Based on Your Sleep Needs
15 May 2023 18 Min Read by Lucid

A mattress is an investment, and an important one at that. Better sleep leads to more energy which leads to a better quality of life. So, if you are still toughing it out on your 10 year old mattress, whether for cost, convenience, or some other reason, then this article is about to change your life. Below, we explore all the factors that contribute to great sleep and help you find the perfect mattress to suit your specific needs. Find recommendations based on sleep style, mattress firmness, body type, and specific room needs.

Mattress Types 

If you’ve heard good things about a specific type of mattress, but you aren’t sure which one is right for you, then this is a good starting point.  


An innerspring mattress is the most traditional style of mattress. Think about the mattress on your childhood bed, it was probably an innerspring mattress. The hallmark of an innerspring mattress is that the majority of the mattress is made up of tight, interconnected coils and topped with a thin layer of foam or padding, usually quilted into the cover. This type of mattress is usually found on children’s beds because it is an uncomfortable option for most grown adults. The affordable price and abundance of choices make an innerspring mattress a great choice for a toddler or kid’s bedroom.  


All foam mattresses are loved by many because they offer impeccable comfort. An all-foam mattress is just that— a mattress comprised of layers of different types of support and comfort foams that provides plush, foamy comfort. All-foam mattresses are typically more affordable than some of the other options, too. But keep in mind that they are generally plush in feel and that they may not last as long and don’t usually boast the edge support and body support of a hybrid or other alternative mattresses. Foam mattresses also work great on adjustable bed bases.  


Hybrid mattresses may be new to you and if they are, then get ready to be introduced to a game changer. Hybrid mattresses combine a spring base with layers of comfort foam in a best-of-both-worlds situation. The innerspring base creates a durable mattress that will outlast an all-foam option while the foam layers ensure unparalleled comfort. Hybrids also offer more support than the other options for people who suffer from back pain or like to sleep on their stomachs. Hybrid mattresses also work great on adjustable bed bases. 

Newer Alternatives 

As new mattress companies try to stand out in the market, there are newer, more unique options to be found. These companies generally boast an alternative to foam or unbelievable customization. While these newer styles of mattress may appeal to you, make sure you consider all avenues. If you are used to a foam and spring mattress, then these materials will feel very different and will take some getting used to. Also, these new mattresses are generally a lot more expensive, for not necessarily more comfort.  

Old School 

There are also a lot of older-school style mattresses out there. And, while we don’t necessarily recommend them for optimal sleep comfort, they may be the right fit for some of you. Options like a waterbed or an air bed have a time and a place. If you are transitioning between homes or need something exceptionally firm, then an air bed may be the right choice for you. Conversely, if you like to be lulled to sleep by the gentle motion of water moving beneath you and you want to create a real 90s vibe for your home, then try out a waterbed. When you realize neither of these options hold the comfort you crave, we’ll be here to get you back to sleeping soundly.  

Mattress Sizes


Typical Size: 38” (W) x 75” (L) 

Twin mattresses are great for kids’ rooms, bunk beds, and trundle beds. You don’t see them in many other places because a Twin-size bed is the perfect size for one fairly small human, aka a child.  

Twin XL 

Typical Size: 38” (W) x 80” (L) 

If your child is tall for their age, then a Twin XL mattress might be the right option for you. A Twin XL mattress just adds a little bit of length to the typical Twin mattress to accommodate for height. This is also the size of mattress generally found in college dorm rooms, but make sure you check yours before you go out and buy new bedding.  


Typical Size: 54” (W) x 74” (L) 

If you are looking to outfit a smaller guest bedroom or teenage bedroom, then a full is the right mattress size for you. A Full-size mattress is big enough for two people, making it a great transition bed, but in our opinion, it is still the perfect size for one.  


Typical Size: 60” (W) x 80” (L) 

The most common of all bed sizes, for good reason, a Queen size mattress is what you will typically find in most hotel rooms, guest bedrooms, and primary bedrooms. That’s because it is the perfect size for exactly two people. If you are looking to buy your first bed and you have the space, then a Queen-size mattress is the way to go.  


Typical Size: 76” (W) x 80” (L) 

A luxury upgrade, a King-size bed is the next step after a couple has outgrown a Queen. If you have dogs or children that like to curl up in bed with you, then a King-size mattress is a great investment. Also, if you have a large bedroom that you want to effortlessly fill without too much furniture, then a King size bed will do the trick.   

Cal King 

Typical Size: 72” (W) x 84”(L) 

A California King mattress is ideal for tall people who need extra length. A common mistake people make is thinking that a California King is bigger than a King-size bed. A Cal King mattress is actually narrower than a King mattress. Essentially, it cuts off the extra width and tacks it onto the end for maximum length. If you are under six feet tall then you probably don’t need a Cal King.  

Profile Height

6 Inch 

Ideal For: Toddler Beds, Bunk Beds, and Trundle Beds 

A  six-inch mattress is relatively thin and ideal for small children. A six-inch mattress is also great for children because kids outgrow their beds fairly quickly and a six-inch mattress is the most affordable option out there.  

8 Inch 

Ideal For: Teenagers, Bunk Beds, and Adjustable Bed Bases 

An eight-inch mattress is great for a teenager’s bedroom but, if you can afford it, we like to start our youngsters out with an eight-inch bed. This allows the bed to grow with them and you won’t have to buy them a new one before they move out. A well-made eight-inch mattress should suit their needs until they move away to college.  

10 Inch 

Ideal For: Guest Bedrooms, Primary Bedrooms, and Adjustable Bed Bases 

A 10-inch profile is probably the most universal. It is a great starter bed height for couples, it isn’t too tall for grandma to get into and out of on her own, and it is thick enough to provide plenty of comfort while still being affordable and easy to move. If you aren’t sure which bed height is right for you, then a 10-inch profile is a safe choice that works great for most situations.  

12 Inch 

Ideal For: Primary Bedrooms, Guest Bedrooms, and Adjustable Bed Bases 

12-inch mattress takes the luxury up a notch. If you have the funds and the space, then we recommend a 12-inch mattress for most primary bedrooms. You can still choose your preferred level of firmness, but you will be sleeping in comfort, and style, on a 12-inch mattress.  

14 Inch and Up 

Ideal For: Primary Bedrooms with Tall Ceilings 

While thicker 14-inch profile mattresses may sound luxurious, a good rule of thumb to remember is the thicker the mattress, the plusher the feel. So, if you prefer a firm feeling mattress, then you should probably stick with a 12 or 10-inch profile to get the support you need. Another thing to remember with thick mattresses, is that you may need to find special deep sheets and protectors. Most sheet sets can accommodate up to 14 inches, but that is stretching them to their max and they may come off easier than you like. If the life of 14-inch luxury is still calling your name, then you will be sleeping like a queen.  

Mattress Firmness

If you already have your sleep preferences locked down, but just need a little guidance finding the right mattress to provide the comfort and support you need, then this section is for you.  


Ideal For Stomach Sleepers 

Stomach sleepers unite and rally around the firm mattress options. Firm mattresses are great for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers because they offer the most support. If you wake up in the morning with a sore lower back, then your mattress is probably too plush and seeking a firmer option will help keep your spine aligned for optimal comfort. A Hybrid option will be firmer than an all-foam option and a firmer foam, like latex, will provide more support than a plush foam like memory foam.  

Our Firm Mattress Choice: Lucid 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress 


Ideal For Back Sleepers 

While a medium mattress is the ideal choice for back sleepers, it is also the most universal choice for people who aren’t quite sure of their sleep preferences. Starting with a safe middle ground mattress will allow you to test your preferences and easily migrate to a more firm or plush option depending on your preferences. This is also the feel we recommend for guest bedrooms or mattresses that will be used by multiple people during their lifetime. You really can’t go wrong with a medium feel. 

Our Medium Mattress ChoiceLucid 10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress 


Ideal For Back and Side Sleepers 

When most people think of a comfortable night’s sleep, they immediately think of a super soft, plush mattress. The reason for this is that a plush mattress is great for multi-position sleepers. The soft feel will cradle your body on your side while still providing enough support to roll over on your back. A plush mattress is great, but remember, if back pain is your problem, then you want something more firm. 

Our Plush Mattress Choice: Lucid 12 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress 


Ideal For Side Sleepers 

An ultra-plush mattress sounds dreamy, but it is really only the right choice for full-time side sleepers. The plushest mattresses usually have a thick layer of memory foam that molds to your body to allow you to properly sink in and sleep on your side without pain. If you are not a side sleeper, then the plush, sink-in feel of memory foam may cause you to feel trapped and unable to efficiently move positions in the night.  

Our Ultra-Plush Mattress ChoiceLucid 14 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Sleep Positions

Most people know their sleep position off the top of their head. Do you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or are you a multi-position sleeper that moves around all through the night? If you know the answer to this one simple question, how do you sleep, then we can help you find your perfect mattress. 

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Back sleepers usually prefer a medium-firm to plush mattress. These mattresses provide optimal support with enough soft foam layers to relieve pressure point aches and pains for blissfully comfortable sleep.  

Our Choice: Lucid 10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress 


Side sleepers usually prefer a plush to ultra-plush mattress, depending on how you feel about memory foam and whether you prefer to sink into your mattress or lay on top of it. If you love the sinking feel of memory foam than you will love an ultra-plush mattress like our 14 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress. If you want something that cradles your body while you sleep with slightly less sink, then try out our choice below. 

Our Choice10 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress 


Stomach sleepers may not know it, but they need a firm mattress to comfortably sleep on their stomach. The problem with stomach sleeping is that the heaviest part of your body will sink inwards into the mattress, which causes uncomfortable back and hip pain for most people. To combat this, choose a firm mattress with plenty of support. 

Our ChoiceLucid 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress 

Body Type 


For our smaller, more lightweight sleepers—kids included—we recommend soft, plush mattresses. If you’re less than 130 pounds, a soft memory foam option will gently conform to your body and relieve pressure points. A too-firm mattress doesn’t provide the cushion and support your body needs.  

Our ChoiceLucid 12 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress 


For those who weigh above 230 pounds, we recommend a high-profile mattress with either latex or high-density foam. You want something a little firmer, that features durable coils, and/or is a hybrid design. We also recommend pairing with an adjustable bed base to help with any breathing issues or sleep apnea. 

Our ChoiceLucid 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

Average Weight 

If you’re an average-sized sleeper (between 130 and 230 pounds), you should rely on other factors to help you find the perfect fit: sleep position, body shape, and height. However, you can’t go wrong with a medium firm to medium soft hybrid.  

Our ChoiceLucid 10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress 


This is more about choosing the perfect size. Let your body type and sleep position guide you to a mattress construction you like, but we recommend a larger size to prevent dangling toes. Queen and King are great, but for the extra tall folks out there, go for a Cal King! They are seven feet long and specifically designed for tall people.  

Our ChoiceLucid 12 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress, Cal King 

Body Shape 

Your unique body shape determines where you feel pressure points when you sleep. There are so many different names like rectangle, athletic, hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle...and the list goes on. The wider parts of your body, like shoulders or hips, will feel more pressure. Sleep position plays a big role here, too. A general rule is the more space between wider and narrower parts of your body, the plusher your mattress should be to fill in the gaps. If you have a fairly straight frame, you can go with a firmer mattress.  

With a Partner  

If you sleep with a partner who has a different body type than you, you’ve got a few options. You can meet in the middle with a medium feel mattress. Or, you can configure a Split King and each get exactly what you like! A Split King combines two Twin XL mattresses on the same King frame, and it’s the perfect solution for different sleepers in one bed.  


Pregnant sleepers have a few specific sleep needs that can be helped by finding the perfect mattress. According to the Sleep Foundation, it’s typically recommended that pregnant women sleep on their left side to promote blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to the baby. And, pregnant women have a host of other changes, concerns, and discomforts that can arise as the fetus develops. We recommend a medium-soft mattress that supports side sleeping with added cooling benefits to keep them as comfortable as possible.  

Our ChoiceLucid 12 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Mattress Features 

Choosing the perfect mattress isn’t just about feel these days. Other factors, like whether or not you sleep with a partner, allergies, and materials, often come into play. If you have a special consideration or are looking for a specific feature, then look no further.  


Most mattresses are allergen-free and won’t cause intense reactions. But, if you have a latex allergy, then avoid a latex mattress and opt for other hybrid options to achieve a firmer feel. You can also look for additional anti-bacterial infusions, like our memory foam hybrid mattress infused with antimicrobial bamboo charcoal, to ensure a peaceful sleep.  

Edge Support 

If you like to sit on the edge of your bed to put your shoes on or get ready in the morning, then good edge support is an important factor for you to consider. Edge support also comes into play if you often find yourself sleeping on the very edge of your bed. Look for a mattress that has reinforced edges to provide the support you need. All-foam mattresses typically have less edge support than a hybrid mattress, but some foam mattresses also include a layer of additional foam support to reinforce the edges of the bed.  

Motion Isolation 

If you sleep with a partner, children, or pets, then motion isolation is an important factor to consider. Most innerspring mattresses are constructed with a series of coils all connected for fluid movement. If you don’t want to feel your partner move in the night, then you need to look for mattresses with individually encased or pocketed coils. These coils are all wrapped in their own encasement to enhance motion isolation. Memory foam is also a good motion isolator. For best results, get some of each with a memory foam hybrid mattress like our 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress. 


If you sleep hot or have ever had a sweaty night wrapped in memory foam, then a temperature regulating or cooling mattress is a must. Lots of mattresses have cooling gel infusions that help combat the natural heat generation of memory foam, like our Gel Memory Foam Mattresses. You can also look for foam alternatives other than memory foam or opt for a cooling mattress protector or pillow. Sleeping hot is no joke, though, so make sure you look for cooling properties.  


A mattress is an investment, so price is definitely a factor. The most affordable mattresses on the market are innerspring mattresses, but they also offer the smallest amount of comfort. That’s why they are perfect for children who are light enough to sleep on anything and will outgrow it quickly.  

The second most affordable option out there is a traditional all-foam mattress. An all-foam mattress offers plenty of comfort and bang for your buck, but foam disintegrates and wears out more quickly than other materials, like metal. So, an all-foam bed won’t last as long, but it is a great starting place for immediate and affordable comfort.  

The next step up is a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses combine metal coils and foam, to ensure long lasting comfort. These beds offer more support and premium comfort for a slightly higher price tag than an all-foam mattress.

Other Considerations 

Other things to consider when buying a mattress are individual company policies, such as sleep trials, return policies, shipping, and warranties. Here at Lucid, we offer a FREE 100-night sleep trial to make sure you absolutely love the mattress you choose. We also offer free shipping, an excellent 10-year warranty, and a great return policy with excellent customer service.  

Reviews are also an important thing to look at and we have over 250,000 five-star reviews on Amazon alone. With numbers like that, it’s easy to trust our comfort guarantee.  

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