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Fun Holiday Activities You Can Do at Home
18 Dec 2020 1 Min Read by Lucid

The holidays are going to be a little different this year as we aren’t all able to gather with our extended families and take part in our usual traditions. So, we wanted to provide you with some fun and simple ways to make your holiday with your family memorable.   


Paper Plate Ornaments 

Grab a pack of paper plates and some assorted acrylic paint for a fun activity that you will cherish for years to come. You can have the children paint a picture, fingerpaint a swirly masterpiece, or simply adorn the plate with a handprint to commemorate the smallest and cutest their hands will ever be. Simple, messy, and fun. 


Gingerbread Houses 

While some will say it doesn’t count if you don’t make the gingerbread... we say buying a kit is much simpler and equally fulfilling. Grab a gingerbread house kit from your local grocery store and enjoy putting your architectural skills to the test. 


Holiday Movie Night 

Grab some popcorn and a slew of other treats and sit down with your family to enjoy an old classic or a new-school favorite.  


Tree-Side Slumber Party 

Gather some of your comfiest blankets and pillows and park your heads under the tree for the best-smelling light show in the world. No night-lights required.  


Thank You Letters to Santa 

Have you ever had your children write a thank you letter to Santa? This is a great opportunity to teach gratitude and enjoy some of the cutest reading you will do all year.