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Bedsheet Ghost How-To
23 Oct 2020 1 Min Read by Lucid

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays on our calendar, and one costume you can count on to evoke a timeless joy is the bedsheet ghost. Flashy and elaborate costumes can be incredible and are well worth your time if that’s your thing, but the bedsheet ghost has stood the test of time as one of the most loved and feared costume choices.   


Costume Origin 

For centuries humanity has used white linen to wrap the dead and prepare them for burial. The idea of the bedsheet ghost comes from the dead rising from the grave, causing their burial wrappings to float supernaturally. Over time cartoons and other media have helped rebrand the costume as a cute and friendly option. 


How to Make Your Costume 

  • Grab your sheet and a friend to help provide the perfect drape.  

  • Position yourself in the center of the sheet and measure where you want to cut your eyeholes.  

  • Measure twice and cut once to ensure your eyes are correctly positioned.  

    • If your eyes are a little wonky, fear not, they could even add to the gruesome ensemble.  

  • Practice your ghostly moan, and you are ready to celebrate Halloween. 

Happy Halloween everyone, we hope you stay safe, stylish, and spooky.