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5 Things Keeping You from Sleep
25 Sep 2020 2 Min Read by Lucid

Here are five things that may be hindering your sleep duration and quality. 



You get out what you put in. Take a closer look at your diet and identify foods or categories that could be hindering your sleep quality.  

Expert Advice: Caffeine and sugar should be avoided in the hours leading up to sleep. Try and stick to water and easily digestible food to ward off any issues prohibiting your rest. 



Give your eyes a break and try winding down for sleep without scrolling social media, watching television, or playing a game. Plus, screens emit a blue light that can trick your brain into staying awake instead of preparing for sleep. 

Expert Advice: Swap your phone for a book and try preparing for bed without technology to help your body find natural and healing sleep.   



Work, school, and life can bring a world of worry into your home and keep your mind racing. 

Expert Advice: Don’t bring the day’s stress to bed. Turn your sleep space into sanctuary and practice winding down and clearing your mind before entering your bedroom. Meditation and yoga have been known to help prepare you mentally for recovery. 



Snoring is a common disrupter for people that sleep with a partner. 

Expert Advice: Try sleeping elevated with the assistance of an adjustable bed base or mattress elevator. Sleeping with your head raised can help open the airways and reduce snoring.  



It’s hard to fall asleep if you can’t find a comfortable position. 

Expert Advice: Upgrade your sleep space with an affordable memory foam mattress topper, pillows, or even an adjustable bed base. Invest in your sleep and long-term health with Lucid premium sleep products.